Project Meeting June 2011

At the occasion of the project meeting taking place on Tuesday, June 26, in the University of Applied Sciences, Mr Julian Strobl presented his master thesis “Entwicklung einer effizienten Suchmethode zur Identifikation von Sprachdaten und Integration in ein System zur Abwehr von Telefon-SPAM” (Development of an efficient search method for the identification of language data and integration into a telephone-SPAM-controlling system).

Afterwards, the status of the project, the current work, and the further aims in the third year of the project were discussed.

Already during the previous year an operating prototype (Rel.1) was implemented, as reported by Mr Lentzen a few days ago at the IEEE ICC Conference 2012. By developing an efficient index based search method for comparing audio-language data by Mr Strobl, the performance can be considerably enhanced by Rel. 2. Also Mr Grutzek with his further enhanced audio-fingerprint, and Mr Mainka with the VoIP overall integration delivered some important input for the VIAT prototype.

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